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Radical Changes in Privacy Regulation on the Horizon

January 24, 2020

GDPR (RGPD, DSGVO) concept illustration. General Data Protection Regulation. The protection of personal data. Server and security guard, isolated on white background.

Get ready for intensified global regulatory activity around privacy and rising social expectations that will drive radical change around data protection in 2020. According to a Gartner Report, the pace at which the regulatory landscape is evolving has left many organizations unable to adapt their existing privacy management program. Laws are demanding a fundamental transformation in how personal data is managed as machine learning becomes more commoditized. By 2022, half the world’s population will have its personal information covered under local privacy regulations, up from ten percent today. By 2020, archived personal data will represent the largest area of privacy risk for 70 percent of organizations. Consumer demand for privacy has been bubbling up slowly for the past two decades. Numerous incidents have left consumers skeptical of institutional abuse of personal data and the capacity of governments to curb bad behavior. Trust is at an all-time low, making the status quo of self-regulation untenable.

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