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Reactions to Tyler Technologies Data Breach

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September 29, 2020

Texas-based Tyler Technologies sells services to state and local governments including tax software, software for courts, and enterprise financial software systems. It had more than $1 billion in revenues last year, and employs more than 5000 people. On Sept. 20 Tyler discovered that an intruder had gained access to its phone and information technology systems. The company declined to say how the intrusion is affecting its customers, but several workers in IT roles at local governments who read the Krebs on Security article about the breach said it had disrupted the ability of people to pay their water bills or make court payments. The company’s chief information officer put out a statement saying access points were shut down and outside security and forensics experts had been called in, but according to a former employee responding to the article, the problem was inevitable: “Their security was woefully inadequate when I left there 2 years ago. I’m talking about highly sensitive CJIS (criminal justice information security) data protected by one word password. Remote access all over the place. Shared passwords for everything. Ransomware could put them out of business depending on where they got into. Not to mention criminal charges for losing a bunch of CJIS data.”

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