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Sartorial Anxiety Over Virtual Arguments

April 22, 2020

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Some of the nation’s top attorneys are preparing to make arguments that could make or break their career. The Supreme Court’s announcement it would hold virtual oral arguments because of coronavirus adds an additional layer of complication to their prepping routine. A former DOJ lawyer says he’s gotten all kinds of advice about how to dress, including pajamas or a morning coat. Whether to put the call on speaker and risk intrusions from barking dogs and noisy children is an issue, but the most frequently cited concern was how to gauge the justices’s reactions without body language cues. An attorney for the president who will be asking the court to reverse rulings ordering Trump’s banks and his accounting firm to hand over financial records to investigators wonders about the handcrafted quill pens, which are traditionally left on the counsel table as a souvenir for arguing attorneys. He was planning on giving them to his grandchildren, and hopes they’ll be sent by mail, or some other delivery service if the Postal Service runs out of funding.

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