Security Service Hacked, Companies In The Dark

By on July 24, 2020

July 24, 2020

Data Viper, a security startup that calls itself a “threat intelligence platform designed to provide organizations, investigators and law enforcement with access to the largest collection of private hacker channels, pastes, forums and breached databases on the market,” has been hacked. The hackers claim they are selling 2 billion records Data Viper collated from numerous breaches and data leaks, including data from companies that either don’t know they’ve been hacked or haven’t disclosed an intrusion. The hacker linked to several dozen new sales threads on the dark web site Empire Market. They’re advertising hundreds of millions of account details from dozens of leaked or hacked website databases that Data Viper allegedly acquired via trading with others on cybercrime forums. Data Viper was founded by a security researcher who runs a cyber threat intelligence company called Night Lion Security. It claims access to private and undisclosed breach data, and acknowledges posing as a buyer or seller on various dark web forums as a way to acquire old and newly-hacked databases from other forum members. Its founder believes the attack was a preemptive response to a speech he plans to give in which he claims he will publicly expose the identities of hackers he suspects of a number of website break-ins.

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