Managing Partner » Sedgwick Lost Twenty Percent Of Partners This Year

Sedgwick Lost Twenty Percent Of Partners This Year

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October 25, 2017

Sedgwick’s Chicago office managing partner Eric Scheiner left for Kennedys recently, along with two other partners.They joined a steady stream of departures, in fact the firm lost a fifth of its partners in 2017, among them many leaders. The question is, why? Legal industry observers say that early stage merger talks are always hush-hush, but one clue that they are going is mass departures like this one. That’s a better scenario for Sedgwick than the other obvious explanation, that the firm is falling apart in the manner of Dewey & LeBoeuf, where partners started deserting right and left before it imploded. The same thing happened at Kenyon & Kenyon. Time will tell what’s going on at Sedgwick, Kathryn Rubino, editor at Above the Law, invites anyone with inside info to contact her.

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