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Sidney Powell Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth


June 16, 2021

Her lawyers say “no reasonable person would conclude that her statements were truly statements of fact, they are simply “her opinions and legal theories on a matter of utmost public concern.” That was supposed to be Sidney Powell’s defense for her bizarre claims that voting technology company Dominion stole the presidential election from Donald Trump, claims that made her the defendant in a multi-billion dollar defamation suit. But at a panel discussion last month, Powell said that the suit should be dismissed because “we meant what we said and we have the evidence to back it up.” According to a defamation expert quoted in The Daily Beast, “That seems like an extremely damaging admission from Ms. Powell that eviscerates her main defense, which is based on a distortion of the opinion doctrine to begin with.” He says Dominion will use it to oppose her efforts to dismiss the case, and use it before the jury if it goes to trial.

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