SIEM For Quick Response To Intrusions

By on March 5, 2019
cybersecurity attack

March 5, 2019

SIEM stands for “security information and event management,” primarily a software/server platform for administrators. The idea is to monitor, manage, and flag events regarding cybersecurity during operation hours. Organized SIEM allows teams and staff to respond quickly to potential intrusions. In-depth logs are generated automatically, creating reports for analysis to identify potential security problems in a network. The amount of information regarding security events occurring on any given day is a hurdle that all organizations face. SIEM is a tool that addresses that problem. Without proper response, damage caused by intrusions, service attacks, and malware are devastating. If you’re an online vendor, you’re also responsible for the security of online transactions which falls under various regulations (such as HIPAA if you’re a healthcare practice). For just about any organization that deals with the public there is information accessible online including customer data, user logins and financial information. There are a variety of SIEM software platforms, some paid and others open source. Each has its own set of uses, UI, and learning curves.
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