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Six Figure Lawsuit for Panning a Roofing Company


July 28, 2021

A Vancouver, Washington, couple complained to their landlord about a leaky roof, and ended up in court defending themselves against a six-figure lawsuit. The landlord hired a company called Executive Roof Services to fix the leak. According to the couple, the company failed to fix it, and didn’t follow through on promises to return and do so. When they called Executive Roof Services, the receptionist treated them rudely, refused to give them any information, told them to call the landlord if they weren’t happy and hung up. They both gave the company a one star review on Google, and said the service was poor. Executive Roof Services then sued them for $112,000, accusing them of defamation and intentional interference with business expectancy. The company cited the fact that the couple filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as proof that they went out of their way to cause harm.

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