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Sour View Of Lawyers From Multinational Corporate Group

Lawyer pleading his case - Scanned 1884 Engraving

September 6, 2019

A jaundiced take on the legal profession from its purported origin as a loose association of medieval scribes, in an age when few could write, to an ignoble present, “preying on the insecurity of someone trying to pursue their rights or defend themselves against misplaced claims.” The Federation of International Employers (its acronym “FedEE” apparently a relic of the group’s former name, the Federation of European Employers) describes itself as a “leading corporate membership organisation for multinational companies,” one originally associated with the European Commission but today an independent body and sometime provider of legal services and training. The group’s current senior management team includes the HR director for Ford Motor Company in Europe and the chief human resources officer for Latham & Watkins in New York.

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