In-House News » Study: Dual GC-Chief Compliance Officer Most Effective

Study: Dual GC-Chief Compliance Officer Most Effective


June 25, 2015

Compliance programs are more effective when they are run by a single officer who functions as both general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer (“CECO”), according to a recent study from LRN. A Bloomberg BNA article calls it a surprise finding that runs counter to much current thinking from both regulators and ethics and compliance organizations. “The study suggested two possible reasons for the effectiveness gap,” the article says. “The first is that GC/CECOs are far more likely to focus on building ethical culture compared to dedicated CECOs, who are more likely to view their primary mandate as ensuring employees comply with rules and regulations. The second is that GC/CECOs appear to have more management support and operational access than do dedicated CECOs.”

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