Study Finds Widespread Lack Of Cybersecurity In Law Firms

By on July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Law firms are woefully unprepared for cyber attacks, according to a recent study. The survey of 200 law firms found that two-thirds had experienced some kind of breach, 77 percent had no cyber insurance, and 95 percent were noncompliant with their own cyber policies. Another survey, this one conducted on a far wider sample by the American Bar Association, found that more than 44 percent of attorneys don’t even know if they have cyber liability insurance. In other respects, however, the results of the ABA study weren’t as alarming, although it still found that in a sample of 800 firms, 14 percent had been breached. Among firms with 500 or more lawyers, the figure was 26 percent.

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ABA Journal

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