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Study: Insomnia Sapping Worker Productivity

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August 3, 2015

Research out of Harvard says that failure to get enough sleep results in significant loss of worker productivity, about 11.3 days a year for the average worker, with a total loss to the economy of $63.2 billion. Some big companies including Ceridian, Goldman Sachs, Johnson and Johnson, and Google have turned to third party providers to address the issue with things like coaching programs and workshops. But overall the problem remains widespread and out of control, says an article in the Washington Post. Cell phone obsession and 24/7 connectivity is said to be one factor. So too is the widespread corporate attitude of “sleep is for losers” according to one academic expert. Too little sleep seems to be an equal opportunity malady, and some executives are hiring personal sleep consultants. Besides loss of productivity, there have been studies linking lack of sleep to everything from an abusive attitude toward underlings to diabetes and dementia.

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