How To Publish an Article in Today’s General Counsel

Today’s General Counsel is a monthly online magazine. The process of publishing an article begins with a proposal to All articles should directly address TGC’s audience — 100,000 corporate and law firm attorneys who receive a link to each issue. Their main concerns are regulation, compliance, governance, and relevant litigation. Editorial guidelines are available here, or by emailing

If your proposal is accepted, your article will be deadlined. Articles should be written in a clear journalistic style, without excessive legalisms or jargon from any discipline. Articles will not be accepted if they are essentially marketing pieces. 

Submissions will be edited for style and clarity, and edits are not subject to review by authors or their representatives. Authors should be senior level practitioners; at least one co-author of any article from a law firm should be a partner. Articles must be submitted as an attached Word document, with an author’s name as part of the file name. Be sure to include a byline, a photo and short bio including an email address along with the article. Articles should be 600 to 900 words.