Editorial Guidelines

Today's General Counsel is a monthly digital magazine that publishes articles for general counsel, their staff, and a wider audience of c-suite executives who want to stay informed about regulation, compliance, and recent litigation to both avoid problems and develop profitable business strategies.

Article should be written in a clear journalistic style, without excessive legalisms or jargon from any discipline. Articles will not be accepted if they are essentially marketing pieces. Submissions will be edited for style and clarity, and edits are not subject to review by authors or their representatives. Authors should be senior level practitioners; at least one co-author of any article from a law firm should be a partner. Submissions need to be exclusive to Today's General Counsel. 

Please submit articles as an attached Word document, with lead author's name as part of the file name. Articles should be 600 to 700 words maximum.

Today's General Counsel acquires rights to the edited article as published, with magazine logo, headline and sub-heads, and all elements of graphic presentation. Authors retain rights to their unedited original work, as submitted to us, including the right to post it on their web site, but without reference to publication in Today's General Counsel.

Reprints, reprint rights and posting rights for the TGC article are available only through Mossberg & Company Inc. All inquiries about reprints and posting should be addressed to Lisa Payne at: lpayne@mossbergco.com. To learn more about reprints by click here.

Articles will be deadlined in time for a specific publication date but may be held over for space or other considerations. A disclaimer on the magazine's masthead states that articles should not be construed as legal advice, and that the authors speak for themselves and not necessarily for their firms or companies. Further disclaimers will not be included with individual articles. Submissions are not complete until bio information about the author(s) including email address, and color photos have been submitted. Send photos as attachments, and please include the last name of the person in the file name. 

Please keep formatting plain and simple:

  • No footnotes or other academic-style references. Essential information should be worked it into the text in a readable journalistic style.
  • No legal case citations. References to a case should use the common name and provide date, venue, etc. only if it's crucial information in the context of the article, and as part of the sentence rather than in legal-cite format.
  • No company logos or illustrations.
  • No justified text, boxed text, or text organized in outline form.
  • No font, spacing, or margin changes.
  • No bold.
  • Keep italics for emphasis to a minimum.
  • Replace any bullets with a dash.
  • If you include charts, graphs or other graphics, please send them in a separate file.

We look forward to your contribution. If you have any questions, please email: editor@todaysgc.com.