Intellectual Property » Supreme Court’s Lack Of Tech Savvy A Concern For Major Future Cases

Supreme Court’s Lack Of Tech Savvy A Concern For Major Future Cases

May 7, 2014

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The Supreme Court’s docket over the next decade is likely to include many cases dealing with cybersecurity and privacy in an increasingly digital world, but the Justices making rulings for millions of Americans barely have a grasp on e-mail, and that concerns Guardian columnist Trevor Timm. He notes that in just the last two weeks the Court has held hearings on the Aereo case, which could determine the future of cable and Internet streaming, as well as a case debating whether police officers should have access to cell phone data without a warrant when making an arrest. With major tech cases working through the system – FBI and NSA surveillance questions; cases addressing whether police can compel citizens to reveal their passwords; the rise in questionable software patent lawsuits; and whether Internet posts should be considered the same as traditionally protected speech – having a Court whose chief justice  believes people carrying two cell phones can reasonably be considered a potential drug dealer is “alarming,” the writer says.

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