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Surge Predicted For Lawsuits Over Biometric Data

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February 21, 2022

Within the next three years, privacy lawsuits and claims related to biometric information processing and “cyber-physical systems” will result in more than $8 billion in fines and settlements, according to a vice president at research firm Gartner, Inc., speaking at a company online conference. Cyber-physical systems are said to include emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles, drones that capture video, smart buildings, and smart cities. What they have in common is that they capture biometric information (fingerprints, iris scans, voice or facial recognition code, and even DNA samples) with a high potential to be misused or abused. As a result, privacy laws are proliferating in virtually every venue, and may include specified time limits on data retention;  prohibitions on selling, leasing, and trading biometric data; and in some cases a prohibition on any use of biometric data. One recommended strategy for security and risk management leaders is to look for “alternative, less invasive means to achieve the intended purposes.”

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