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Head-On SPAC Attack In Delaware Court

A decision by the Delaware Chancery Court earlier this month allows a case targeting GigCapital3, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to proceed. The […]

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First Ever Company Hit With “ATA” Antiterrorism Law

For the first time, 18 U.S.C. § 2339B of the Antiterrorism Act (“ATA”) has been invoked to prosecute a company for providing material support […]

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The FTC’s New Tack On Non-Competes

Non-compete agreements limit an employee’s options after leaving a company and are often drafted with protection of trade secrets or customer lists in mind. […]

The Lowdown On High-End M&A Risk

According to McKinsey, research shows a 50-50 chance that companies pursuing big M&A deals will outperform industry peers as measured by total shareholder returns. […]

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Reps & Warranty Insurance Market Feeling Heat From The Ukraine War

Companies that have a deal at the underwriting stage, or expect to soon, are likely to face extensive questioning from RWI insurers about how […]

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Risk and Compliance In M&A

When a company is entering into possible merger or acquisition, a risk and compliance team should have a seat at the table starting with […]

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It’s long  past the time when due diligence before a merger or acquisition was solely a matter of financial and market analysis. Most companies […]

Streaming Services Consolidate, Price Increases To Follow

Everything in Hollywood is BIG but the impending merger between Discovery and AT&T’s WarnerMedia is MEGA, and according to a regulatory filing on Feb […]

Google Acquires Cybersecurity Company

Google has acquired the Israeli cybersecurity company Siemplify. The price was reportedly $500 million. Google’s VP of cloud security called Siemplify a leader in […]

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How Covid Is Driving M&A Insurance Claims

The pandemic’s effect on business interruption claims is clear enough, but few would have predicted its role in M&A claims. But according to an […]