Credit Where Credit Is Due

In June the Federal Circuit will take up the matter of Thaler v. Vidal. Stephen Thaler created an AI which he name DABUS. He […]

AI and ML Patents By the Numbers

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted 14,838 patents that mentioned artificial intelligence or machine learning in 2019, roughly double the issuance in 2018, […]

Citizens In AZ Attacking Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles being tested in Chandler, AZ, are being threatened, and sometimes attacked by citizens wielding weapons. Protesters have various axes to grind, one of […]

Lifeless Eyes, Battery-Operated Lungs

“Lifeless eyes dilate at your approach. Battery-operated lungs suck in stale air, hypnotically wheezing with inhuman rhythm. A plastic chest rises and falls. The […]

World’s First Robot Lawyer Counseling Clients

A company called DoNotPay uses an AI-powered robot to interview clients about their legal problems, then uses the answers to complete and submit legal […]

Companies Turning To AI For Cybersecurity

Identity and payment card thefts account for more than half of all cybercrimes, and AI-based solutions are thought to be the most promising ways […]

AI Poised to Make Big Inroads In Law

In a world that’s increasingly characterized by automation, the legal industry is trying to figure out what it looks like to automate without sacrificing […]