Supreme Court Hears Employee Arbitration Cases

With the recent addition of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the bench, employers are expected to prevail in the trio of suits that are presently […]

Administrative Review Council Adds Value to Arbitration

Sometimes parties to an arbitration have disagreements about administrative matters pertaining to the arbitration itself, such as whether the filing requirements have been met […]

Big Payday For U.S. Law Firms That Handled Russia-Yukos Oil Arbitration

Some see arbitration as a streamlined, more cost-effective conflict resolution method, but this week’s $50 billion arbitration award in a case pitting Russia’s government […]

In-House Counsel’s Guide To International Arbitration

The International Chamber of Commere (ICC) has published a practical guide to international arbitration. An update from Sidley Austin LLP summarizes the document, which […]

To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate?

Arbitration clauses are often included in contracts without full understanding or based on assumptions that may not be true. In fact, it can take […]

Supreme Court Decisions Make Arbitration Compulsory

In a trio of decisions, the U.S. Supreme Court has outlined a mechanism that could eviscerate commercial as well as consumer class actions where […]

New Commercial Arbitration Rules Provide Predictability

In 2013, the American Arbitration Association introduced two new sets of rules that apply to commercial arbitration disputes. The AAA revised its general Commercial […]

Interplay Between Arbitration And The Courts

Counsel choosing between arbitration and litigation when negotiating contracts need to consider the litigation implications of either decision. Parties choosing arbitration are not necessarily […]

Appeals Court Ends Delaware’s Confidential Arbitration Program

A federal appeals court has struck down Delaware’s attempt to offer state-run confidential arbitration. Delaware, a leading state for incorporation by public companies, established […]