Cost Savings Through “Legal Procurement”

For many years, GCs and in-house attorneys resisted the influence of legal procurement. Meantime, legal spending for many companies grew […]

The Limits of “Sole Discretion” in Contracts

Companies often enter into contractual relationships that give them “sole” or “absolute” discretion to make strategic business decisions. But in […]

“Umbrella Damages” Forecast For Canada

A customer buys a product from Manufacturer A. Two other dominant manufacturers of the product (B and C) previously conspired […]

Fraud Carve-Outs and the Unintended Consequences of Reliance Disclaimers in M&A Transactions

Delaware and New York courts routinely uphold reliance disclaimers to limit representations and warranties forming the basis of an M&A […]

How to Conduct a Successful Internal Misconduct Investigation

Organizations of all sizes confront issues of misconduct. Setting aside allegations that must be investigated in a very specific way […]

Advising Food Company Executives at a Time of Increased Regulatory Risk

Food companies need to be aware of the increasingly litigious environment surrounding food products, which now also includes the risk […]

Harnessing Technology for Legal Compliance

Data analytics is a powerful tool that corporate legal departments can harness to help achieve their regulatory and compliance objectives. […]

New IP Protection for Fashion Industry

Fashion brands in the United States have no specialized laws to protect their designs and innovations. They must rely upon […]

Provisional Patent Rights – An Underutilized Protection

Historically, there was almost nothing that could be done if a competitor copied your idea while a patent application is […]

Find the Right Cyber Insurance Policy

Cyber insurance policies have evolved rapidly over the last several years as the insurance industry seeks to align available coverage […]

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