Risk Manager Takes On A One-Percent Triathlon

Stylized illustration of three silhouetted figures, one swimming, one running, and one on a bike.

In the Ironman XC, the competition specs are not different from other Ironman events – run, bike, and swim as fast as possible. But […]

Black Lives Matter Ripped By Litigation

Simple line drawing: cloud split by lightening bolt with two drops of rain falling from the cloud.

A group representing local Black Lives Matter chapters has sued the LA-based national fund raising arm of the movement in a dispute that’s said […]

Balancing The Inside-Outside Equation

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Legal recruiter Christine Berger takes up a perennial question for young law firm attorneys: Will I be better off ditching the life of the […]

Settlement In FLA Condo Collapse Inked At $1 Billion, As Insurance Rates Soar

House floating in the sky with a bubble around it.

A judge in Florida has given final approval to a $1B settlement for the class action that followed the June 2021 partial collapse of […]

In-House Compensation Up, Says Survey

Executive search firm BarkerGilmore has released its annual In-House Counsel Compensation Report, based on data from a survey conducted in March and April 2022. […]

Big Fight Over Legal Fees, After $15M Wrongful Death Settlement In Killing Of Elijah McClain

Styllized hand holding a card on which is pictured a gavel and dollar signs

In the complaint that led to the settlement, the events leading to the death of Elijah McClain, an eccentric young black man in Aurora, […]

Which Law Schools Do The Pricey Lawyers Come From?

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A study from GradReports and data research company Optimal is said to identify “the top 10 schools that place the greatest percentage of grads […]

New, Tighter, Restrictions On Non-Competes In Illinois Reflect A National Trend

A bare bones law prohibiting non-compete agreements for low-wage workers in Illinois has been dramatically augmented by amendments signed into law by Governor J.B. […]

One Person With Disabilities Has Filed 180-Plus ADA Lawsuits

A wheelchair-bound man who lives in a residential neighborhood of Oakland, CA., has filed more than 180 American with Disabilities Act lawsuits. A feature […]

They Couldn’t Take A Joke, Says Poker Pro; Sues Casino For $1.2M

Professional poker player Scott Robbins was in a whimsical mood, or so he maintains in his lawsuit, when he checked into Atlantic City’s casino […]