Voluntary Self-Disclosure of Misconduct

The DOJ released a new policy governing self-disclosure of corporate criminal wrongdoing on Feb. 23. The policy entitled “United States Attorney’s Office Voluntary Self-Disclosure […]

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NLRB Puts New Limits On Severance Agreements

With only one dissent, the National Labor Relations Board, in McLaren Macomb, held that employers cannot offer severance agreements that include broad confidentiality and […]

Privacy Rights In the Metaverse

The metaverse isn’t here yet, but one things about it is certain. It is risky, particularly in respect to data privacy. Legal and privacy […]

Beneficial Ownership Rules In Effect

In September 2022 the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued its final rule implementing reporting requirements for beneficial ownership information. The Rule implements Section 6403 […]

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Ransomware Attack? What The FBI Can Do For You.

According to a senior FBI official, healthcare was the number one target for ransomware attacks last year, followed by manufacturing and government, including schools. […]

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Risk Oversight On The Director’s Plate

The Caremark decision in the Delaware Court of Chancery Court (1996) set a high bar for assigning personal liability to directors with regard to […]

Directors and Officers Personally Accountable Under DOJ’s New Policy

A recent plea agreement between the DOJ and Danske Bank, a global financial institution, contains provisions that tie executive compensation and bonuses for the […]

Technology Helps Legal Ops Fix Legal Department Mistakes

Delaware Opinion Extends Directors Duty To Officers

In a recent opinion, a Delaware Court of Chancery ruled that the fiduciary duty of oversight recognized for corporate directors applies equally, and in […]

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Whipsaw Continues For CA Mandatory Arbitration Law

The circuitous path of a controversial California law – one that’s regarded as a boon by labor rights advocates and is favored by most […]

That’s A Lotta Sliders

The Illinois Supreme Court’s Feb. 20 decision in Cothron v. White Castle Systems exposes companies that violate the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act to […]