Corporate Governance

What To Do Now About Pending Climate-Change Disclosure Rules

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The SEC requirement for company information related to climate change is still at the proposal stage, and we likely won’t see a final rule […]

Aon Predicts: Six Looming Risks For The Coming Decade

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Number one on this list from Aon PLC is cyberattacks, including ransomware attacks, followed by the more amorphous and in some ways more intractable […]

Utilities Face Mounting ESG Litigation Risk

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A growing number of lawsuits based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) statements in securities filings and bond offerings are being filed against corporations […]

The Prospect For D&O Climate Liability Claims

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A recent study looks at how, in today’s legal environment, a board’s failure to adequately address climate change-related issues could lead to litigation and […]

Board Diversity Lawsuits Are Not Faring Well

The recent dismissal of two shareholder lawsuits alleging failure to promote board diversity continues an increasingly unmistakable trend, writes D&O expert Kevin M. LaCroix […]

CEO Must Testify About “Facts” From GC’s Privileged Communication

A decision from the Southern District of Florida cuts a distinction between a privileged communication from a GC to a CEO and “facts” that […]

AG Report: Millions Of Fake Comments Tainted 2017 Net Neutrality Battle

A report from New York state’s Office of the Attorney General details massive fraud during the comment period preceding repeal of net neutrality rules […]

Pandemic May Be Waning, But Securities Lawsuits Keep Coming

Two recent securities class actions related to the coronavirus are likely a harbinger of what’s to come even if there proves to be a […]

Report: Companies Failing To Report Cyber Risk To Shareholders

Many companies are not adequately reporting cybersecurity risk in their SEC filings, according to a recent report. Instead they are opting for a fog […]

Law Firms Half A World Apart Come To Same Conclusion: Increasing Risk Of Climate Change Litigation

Recent posts from major law firms in the U.S., the UK and New Zealand issue similar warnings: Climate change litigation is a significant and […]