Corporate Governance

Apple’s Public Drubbing Brings A Spate Of Tax Reform Proposals

A pundit finds them wanting.

PCAOB Not Backing Down on Compensation Auditing Proposal

In a revised proposal, auditors will still look for risk of fraud and material misstatement in a company’s compensation arrangements. According to one law […]

SEC’s Political Contribution Disclosure Requirement Appears Stalled

Not now and maybe never, although there is movement on a variety of fronts and…

Both U.S. and U.K. Promising Strong Anti-Corruption Enforcement

The DOJ, the SEC and the Serious Fraud Office in the U.K. have all signaled they intend to intensify their enforcement of anti-corruption laws. […]

What The SEC Wants To See In Disclosures

Two areas are especially prone to be deficient.

Investors Want SEC Intervention On Withheld Running Proxy Vote Totals

The Council of Institutional Investors has asked the SEC to intervene on a decision to withhold running vote totals to groups sponsoring shareholder proposals. […]

Does JPMorgan Really Have a Governance Problem?

Well, yes, says a Sloan School of Management professor and former IMF chief economist.

Big Controversy Over Paying Board Nominees

Shareholder activism or institutionalized bribery?

“Neither Admit Nor Deny” Defended By New SEC Chair

It does one important thing well.

Big Data, Little Privacy – So What?

One data base is merged with another until a person’s habits, locations, purchases and personal histories are all part of the mix. Data brokers […]