Who “Sponsored” That Cyberattack?

In a bulletin issued last summer, Lloyds of London announced that it will no longer insure against cyberattacks by governments and “state actors,” but […]

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Latest Insidious Variations On Ransomware Attacks

One new strategy targets healthcare organizations by sending practitioners – doctors and nurses – authentic-looking files that include such things as ultrasound images or […]

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If You Want Cheaper Cyber Insurance, Tighten The Ship

A post by an executive from international insurer Allianz includes highlights from a recent Allianz publication titled “Cyber: The changing threat landscape/Risk trends, responses […]

Oracle-TikTok Ties Probed

Bi-partisan legislation has been proposed to ban the TikTok app from operating in the U.S.  The concern is its ties to its China-based parent […]

Blaming the CISO Is Counterproductive

Holding the chief information security officer responsible after a company discovers a data breach sounds like a no-brainer. Not long ago the CEO bore […]

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The GC/Risk-Management Dynamic In Three Companies

An article in Canadian Lawyer reports on a forum that brought together general counsel from three major Canadian companies, along with one law firm […]

Cybersecurity Flaws In Defense Industry

The Government Accountability Office has published a lengthy report detailing cybersecurity deficiencies in the Dept. Of Defense, and in private companies involved in U.S. […]

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5G’s Predicted “Fourth Industrial Revolution” Includes Big Cyber-Risk

It would be hard to overstate the promise of 5G communications. It’s exponentially faster and comes with lower “latency” than 4G, and will  bring […]

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Cybersecurity Failures Bring Heavy D&O Risk

Studies from major carriers and consultants, including a survey from Willis Towers Watson in conjunction with law firm Clyde & Co, highlight a concern […]

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DHS Official To In-House Lawyers: Don’t Be “Risk-Averse” About Reporting Cyber Attacks

Too many in-house counsel yield to an “ingrained, cultural risk aversion” and fail to report cyber attacks, says a senior official with the U.S. […]