Compliance Plans Should Reduce Risk, Not Create Liability

Calls for improved corporate compliance are coming from boards of directors, shareholders and government. Board members are now exposed to personal liability for failing […]

Strategies for Minimizing Risk of Privacy Class Actions

Businesses are increasingly facing class action lawsuits alleging that they have violated someone’s privacy, under state or U.S. laws. Privacy statutes exist in most […]

Data Protection a Spending Priority for 2015

Strategic Planning for Information Governance Spending on information governance will increase in 2015, according to a TGC survey of in-house practitioners taken in October […]

FCRA Compliance Moves up the To-Do List

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the federal law that regulates the exchange of credit reports between credit bureaus and lenders, but it […]

Texting and Using Personal Devices for Business

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Beating a Non-Compete Disguised as a Non-Solicit

Even in areas where California is decidedly pro-employer, such as limiting the enforcement of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, the result can be litigation so […]

Don’t Be The Next Cyberattack Target

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Social Business Boom Brings Legal Obligations

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E-Discovery and the Cloud

Over the years courts have ruled that ESI held by a third party on behalf of a litigant or its counsel remains within the […]

Why Even Aggressive Lawyers Should Want to Cooperate

In litigation, cooperation on e-discovery matters does not conflict with the advancement of clients’ interests. It enhances it. Meetings and conferences regarding e-discovery protocols […]