Using Europe’s M&A Regime for Tactical Advantage

U.S. companies planning for public M&A in the EU face rules of engagement that are considerably different from those in the United States. Although […]

Liability for Third Party Vendor Conduct

Many services in today’s economy are being outsourced to third-party vendors, such as law firms, accountants, human resource consultants, payroll processors, recruiters and credit […]

Separate Agreements for Software Purchase, Implementation

If a business buys specialized software and pays an expert to adapt and set it up, there are two separate contracts involved, with two […]

How the Insurer Sees It

Proactive claim and litigation management strategies are essential to improving an insurer’s performance. Most sophisticated insurers and self-insured entities develop strategies specifically designed to […]

Survey Shows Conflicting Views of In-House, Law Firm Attorneys

Earlier this year, the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) conducted its 2015 Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey, to provide its members and the legal […]

Paid Sick Leave Mandate Sows Confusion

In an executive order released on Labor Day, President Obama declared that businesses contracting with the United States government must provide employees who work […]

2015 Was a Big Year for the NLRB

The NLRB was extremely active in 2015. It ruled that Browning-Ferris Industries is a “joint employer” of workers hired through a temporary agency; it […]

Build a Company-Wide Culture of Compliance

Current digital technology trends are making the job of the corporate legal department more difficult. A shift in the IT landscape has left corporations […]

Avoiding Flotsam in Large Volumes of Data

A recent survey finds that searching through vast amounts of electronically stored information for responsive data is the number one challenge for both IT […]

Ingredients of a Sound Legal Hold

Among in-house counsel there is much angst around e-discovery, and for good reasons: mounting costs, rampant techno-babble and a pronounced uptick in the volume […]