Summary Disposition in Arbitration

When we ask in-house counsel to explain why their companies don’t use arbitration clauses, the answer frequently includes the assertion […]

Mandatory Arbitration Isn’t Always Mandatory in Canada

Consumer protection laws vary from province to province in Canada. They limit and, in some cases, void mandatory arbitration clauses […]

Hidden Legal Risk of Open Source Software

As much as half the code used in all software is comprised of open source software (OSS). Open source components […]

Recent Developments in Class Action Law

The two most important unresolved issues in class actions are the standard by which plaintiffs must show an ascertainable class […]

A Different Kind of Takeover

Typically, clients are looking for the quickest and least expensive resolution of a case, and that frequently means an early […]

A Way for General Counsel to Drive Shareholder Value

Progressive general counsel have adopted the view that their goal is the same as that of the CEO or CMO: […]

Transfer Pricing Is Big Tax Risk for Multinationals

Transfer pricing is a complex area of tax risk affecting multinational groups. It is a major focus for local tax […]

FCC Poised To Open the Floodgates

The recent change in presidential administrations may bring about a corresponding change in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations, […]

Your Patents May Not Be Safe

Patents are running afoul of rigorous new U.S. standards on several important aspects of patent law. The trend started around […]

Federal Circuit Tightens Patent Venue Rules

2017 has proven to be an important year in patent infringement litigation. One of the most noteworthy developments is the […]

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