Summary Disposition in Arbitration

When we ask in-house counsel to explain why their companies don’t use arbitration clauses, the answer frequently includes the assertion that “you can’t get […]

Mandatory Arbitration Isn’t Always Mandatory in Canada

Consumer protection laws vary from province to province in Canada. They limit and, in some cases, void mandatory arbitration clauses in order to preserve […]

Hidden Legal Risk of Open Source Software

As much as half the code used in all software is comprised of open source software (OSS). Open source components are, by definition, free […]

Recent Developments in Class Action Law

The two most important unresolved issues in class actions are the standard by which plaintiffs must show an ascertainable class before a lawsuit can […]

A Different Kind of Takeover

Typically, clients are looking for the quickest and least expensive resolution of a case, and that frequently means an early settlement or dispositive motion. […]

A Way for General Counsel to Drive Shareholder Value

Progressive general counsel have adopted the view that their goal is the same as that of the CEO or CMO: to drive shareholder value. […]

Transfer Pricing Is Big Tax Risk for Multinationals

Transfer pricing is a complex area of tax risk affecting multinational groups. It is a major focus for local tax administrations and supranational bodies. […]

FCC Poised To Open the Floodgates

The recent change in presidential administrations may bring about a corresponding change in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations, which protect consumers from […]

Your Patents May Not Be Safe

Patents are running afoul of rigorous new U.S. standards on several important aspects of patent law. The trend started around 10 years ago when […]

Federal Circuit Tightens Patent Venue Rules

2017 has proven to be an important year in patent infringement litigation. One of the most noteworthy developments is the fundamental change to patent […]