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Iowa Football Culture Investigation Gets Out Of The Box

It’s become a common refrain, says Todd Presnell in his  Presnell on Privileges blog. Student athletes at a university claim mistreatment. University commissions internal […]

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E-Discovery Confronts A Data Nightmare

Data-mining yesterday’s email is child’s play compared to what is now required from information governance and e-discovery programs. Social media platforms are just a […]

Gunmaker Said To Be Flooding Sandy Hook Plaintiffs With Irrelevant Documents

Alleged e-discovery abuse was front and center in the latest round of a lawsuit that targets a gun manufacturer whose product was used in […]

Can ‘Defamation Detection’ Be Automated?

An AI application developed by former journalists in Ireland is being touted as an effective first read to flag potential defamation, says an article […]

Digital Collaboration and Cloud Applications Are Upending E-Discovery

Today’s collaboration data landscape is almost unrecognizable from what it was in the recent past. About 83 percent of enterprise workloads live in the […]

E-Discovery Insights From Five Years Of Surveying Judges

  E-discovery has evolved In just a few decades, from a “technique” to a fundamental component of virtually all litigation. That evolution has meant, […]

Webcasts, Free Resources, Yoga Classes At E-Discovery Day

Thursday, December 3 marks the 6th annual E-Discovery Day, with 27 sponsors, 16 free resources, 11 webcasts, and seven other virtual events all taking […]

How Overreach Can Sink An In-House Privilege Claim

In-house legal at Dartmouth college was brought up short, when a judge ruled its privilege claim for a trove of in-house communications exceeds the […]

No Communication, No Privilege

What constitutes a privileged communication? This Today’s General Counsel article considers some of the complexities and the light that may be shed on this […]

Spotlighting In-House Memos, Ninth Circuit Adopts Work-Product Waiver Standard

The Ninth Circuit has issued a decision that for the first time adopted a waiver standard for the work-product doctrine – a standard that […]