Conservative Groups Challenge State AG Privilege Claims In Climate Cases

Two right-leaning groups are challenging privilege claims by state attorneys general in climate matters, including regulation of CO2 emissions. The state AGs in Michigan, […]

Privilege Upheld For In-House Investigation, Despite Previous “Summary” Release

The senior in-house counsel of a major defense contractor seemed to have covered the bases when it came to insuring privilege for an internal […]

Protecting Electronic Devices At The Border

A recent episode involving a cell phone search at the border got a lot of media attention, seen primarily through the lens of politics, […]

Corporate Investigations: What A New Survey Tells Us

Being subject to investigations has become a fact of corporate life, and investigations are expected to become more common, according to a recent survey […]

E-Discovery Lesson For Slack Users

Philip Favro, writing on the Driven Inc. Blog, looked back on key cases from 2019 and the lessons they offer going forward. The first […]

Privilege Caution When In-House Attorney Is 30(b)(6) Witness

In the Northern District of Illinois, a court ruled that a company must produce privileged documents that an in-house attorney used to refresh her […]

Have Algorithms Gotten A Bad Rap?

Sendhil Mullainathan, a professor of behavioral and computational science at the University of Chicago, is the co-author of two studies that document the extent […]

Managing Mountains of Data: Q&A with H5

Identifying and retaining data that has business value is critical, but that same data can pose risks. Today’s General Counsel interviewed Sheila Mackay and […]

Years of ADA Shakedowns Alleged, And A Law Firm Settles

A Silicon Valley law firm has settled a lawsuit alleging that it was shaking down small businesses by filing lawsuits for minor and in some cases bogus ADA violations and then extracting settlements.

Negotiating Second Request Discovery

A Hart Scott Rodino Second Request can be a major impediment to the completion of an M&A deal, and compliance can be a challenge. […]