Cybersecurity Protocols and ADR

Surveys taken after the massive Panama Papers hack suggested that law firm cybersecurity industry-wide was lagging behind health care and financial services companies. Now […]

Ransom Attack Hits A Case-Management Provider; Client Law Firms Feel The Pinch

One of the nation’s largest case-management firms has been targeted by a ransomware attack. Early in October, it alerted customers regarding what it first characterized as a security breach caused by a…..

In-House Counsel, PR Consultants And The Privilege

Formerly PR, and PR crises in particular, were handled internally and with extensive involvement of the legal department. Today the handling of PR crises […]

Re-Purposing E-Discovery Software To Field DSARs

Among the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act will be a requirement for affected companies to respond to a Data Subject Access Request. […]

An Old Judge Kavanaugh Opinion Prevails In A GC Privilege Case

In the Northern District of Illinois, a general counsel’s emails to various in-house parties were ruled privileged when the court declined to apply “the […]

Gun-Tracing In The U.S Is From Another Century

It’s no accident the U.S. has an archaic system for tracing guns, according to documentary film maker David Freid, whose work on the subject […]

Data And Business Litigation

Data retention is a double-edged sword. Data can be a treasure trove of evidence, notably in matters involving trade secrets and non-compete agreements, but […]

Deal Lawyers Take Note: Allies In Aborted Acquisition Find Their Diligence Wasn’t Privileged

A third party, claiming it has been maligned, sued the two partners and said it wanted to see their communications leading up to their decision to back out.

Faster, Cheaper, Smarter: The Future of AI in E-Discovery

AI found its way into the legal process as part of a complex but still circumscribed function: document review in the context of e-discovery. […]

Houston School District Must Pay $9.2 Million In Copyright Suit

The Houston Independent School District, the largest in Texas and one of the largest in the U.S., has lost a copyright infringement lawsuit and […]