Hundreds of Climate Suits Being Litigated

Hundreds of climate change lawsuits are working their way through United States courts, using arguments grounded in several different legal theories: tort, fiduciary duty, […]

Fresh Perspective on Expert Selection

An expert can make or break a company’s case and is often a critical component in effective advocacy. It is critical to ensure that […]

You Should Be Worried About Embedded Leases

The new lease accounting standards (FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16) introduce rules as to how companies identify and measure the value of leases, […]

What You Need to Get Ahead Using E-Discovery Analytics

The challenge in e-discovery has been to develop technology that accurately collects, processes, searches and presents information. That goal has been largely accomplished. But […]

Everything You Own in a Box to the Left

Building legal risk metrics throughout the ordinary course of business provides added value for corporations of all types. It gives leadership better insight into […]

Protecting Investments in IP and People

Even if you have no products that compete with another company, that company can be your competitor for employees. And competition triggers antitrust laws. […]

Software Patents Still Valuable After Alice

The 2014 United States Supreme Court decision in Alice Corp. Prop. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l imposed a heightened standard for patent eligibility — […]

GDPR Makes the EU’s Regulatory Reach Global

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expands the scope of the EU’s data privacy regulatory framework to cover companies that process or control […]

Protecting Your Company’s Domain Name

Nearly all successful businesses maintain an online presence, often incorporating the company’s trademark into the domain name. It is highly advisable to monitor the […]

Design Patents Overlooked in Many IP Portfolios

Many consumer products companies have long taken advantage of the protection afforded through design patents. Companies in other areas — heavy industry, electronics and, […]