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Cyberwarfare Does Not Equal Cyberwar, But Can Still Be Devastating

Many readers will remember the Stuxnet virus, which in 2010 infected computers in Iran and caused thousands of uranium enrichment centrifuges to spin out […]

Tax Carbon Or We’re Cooked, Says U.N. Report

A U.N. report, the first to be commissioned by the Paris agreement, details a massive global crisis as soon as 2040 unless the world […]

Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employers can expect to see an increase in sexual harassment claims and complaints. All claims must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Employers should update their policies to clarify…

When “Big Data” Takes A Vacation

Attorneys general and private attorneys in more than a dozen states have opened a new front in the battle against opioid abuse. They are […]

Ethics Have Calculable Value

The president of the umbrella organization for in-house attorneys in Europe – the European Company Lawyers Association, or ECLA – outlines the ways in which […]

Big Fault Line, As Supreme Court Lags Populist Resurgence

With populist themes central to both the Trump and Sanders campaigns and professed concern about “economic disparities” becoming de rigeur even for conservative Republicans, […]

In Delhi, A Free Market For Sleep

Men pay 30 cents for a blanket, more for a small wood cot to lay it on. Otherwise it’s the cold sidewalk. It’s a cutthroat business, but…

A “Private Tax System” For The Super-Rich

A small group of beneficiaries pay millions of dollars a year to an “income defense industry,” consisting of lawyers, estate planners and anti-tax activists, and contribute heavily to…

The EEOC Goes “Systemic”

Targeting systemic discrimination, as opposed to individual infractions, is nothing new for the EEOC, writes Washington Post labor and business reporter Lydia DePillis, but […]

Times Investigation Lambastes Arbitration Clauses, With A Tilt At Justice Roberts

A front-page investigative piece in the New York Times take a critical look at the rise of arbitration agreements and class action bans in […]