Five Trends to Watch as Power, Responsibility, Shift to In-House Legal Departments

Cost-containment and resource efficiency remain essential goals for legal departments, but are no longer the primary concern. In-house teams are […]

When is a Freedom to Operate Opinion Cost-Effective?

Most companies understand the value of applying for patents on inventions before launching a product. But…

Arbitration- Litigation Choice Not Always Obvious

Compared to traditional litigation, arbitration is often viewed by in-house and outside counsel alike as a preferable method of resolving […]

Theft of Critical Information by Insiders

Theft of trade secrets and other business critical information by employees and other insiders is increasing at alarming rates and […]

Caution Required when Using Managerial Accounting Data in Court

Managerial accounting data can be used in expert analyses conducted in at least two types of antitrust litigation: predatory pricing […]

Litigation Risk for Website and Mobile Apps Marketing

As the year 2013 began, more than 180 consumer class actions regarding the relatively common practice of companies tracking user […]

Technology Can Improve Law Department Performance

A survey conducted by the author’s firm examined the current workflow environment in legal departments and identified three key challenges: […]

Government Knowledge Defense Against Whistleblowers

The False Claims Act allows private persons, known as “relators” or whistleblowers, to bring suit on behalf of the government […]

What Does Daca Mean for Employers?

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative is a temporary solution for undocumented immigrants 15 to 30 years old, […]

Competition, Cartels and Canada

Antitrust agencies in the U.S. and Canada have programs designed to encourage cartel participants to alert authorities about the existence […]

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