New Commercial Arbitration Rules Provide Predictability

In 2013, the American Arbitration Association introduced two new sets of rules that apply to commercial arbitration disputes. The AAA revised its general Commercial […]

If Your Law Firm Suffers a Data-Breach, Maybe You Do Too

Lawyers often have access to clients’ sensitive commercial, operational and other information. But lawyers can also possess similar information about their clients’ clients and […]

New DOL Rules Heighten Duties, Personal Liability, of 401K Sponsors

Business owners who offer a 401k plan are required to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a complex federal statute designed as […]

Too Much Data, Too Little Support

Federal agencies remain uneasy about their ability to manage e-discovery and electronic data, according to Deloitte’s “Seventh Annual Benchmarking Study of Electronic Discovery Practices […]

Patenting Headache When Employee-Inventor Leaves

Patent applicants rarely worry about validity challenges based on applications filed later, but in some circumstances these can pose a significant obstacle under the […]

Addressing Employment-Related Retaliation Claims

Illegal retaliation occurs when a company takes a punitive or adverse action against a person (usually an employee) in response to activity protected under […]

Prepare Far in Advance for Litigation Holds

A legal hold is a protocol that preserves evidence likely to be responsive in litigation. The process is part of a company’s overall information […]

Predictive Coding Slowly Becoming the Norm

TGC survey results indicate that recognition of the risks posed by social media is widespread, but procedures for dealing with it are lagging. About […]

Alternative Damage Theories in Patent Cases

Infringers often make use of a patent-holder’s rights in ways that yield no straightforward royalty or lost profit calculation. Infringers may give away an […]

Factors Driving Merger Enforcement

Merger law has been primarily shaped by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. Court decisions are rare because few merger cases […]