Survey: How Law Departments are Working Smarter

The 2016 HBR Consulting survey found that worldwide corporate law department spending increased a modest one percent from the prior year. Behind this seemingly […]

Regulatory Enforcement Post-Election

The Trump Administration will likely seek to scale back many forms of regulatory enforcement. However, President Trump campaigned on a law-and-order platform, and that […]

Implications of the SEC’s Universal Proxy Card Rules

In October 2016, the SEC proposed amendments to the federal proxy rules that would require universal proxies in connection with a contested election of […]

The Four “Cs” of Drafting an Effective Arbitration Clause

Arbitration is not suited for every contract, dispute, or business. However, a comprehensive and well-drafted arbitration clause will allow the parties to reap the […]

Preparing the Expert Witness for Deposition

Most civil cases today involve the use of testifying experts to address both liability and damages issues. The presence of experts has become so […]

Three Expert Lessons About Digital Threats

There is increasing need for organizations to strengthen security measures as part of their information governance plan. To do this, information security cannot be […]

Spymail Risk Often Ignored

Approximately 10 percent of non-spam business emails are spymail – email containing hidden tracking code that relays details about the recipient’s interactions with the […]

The FTC’s Strong Hand in Cyber-Privacy Cases

The authors briefly review the FTC’s enforcement authority against unfair or deceptive acts and practices, and examine pre-and post-settlement enforcement actions in the area […]

Five Common Misconceptions About Cybesecurity

The first misconception is that a breach is inevitable and there is little in-house counsel can do to prevent it. Formidable firewalls and security […]

Get Ready for More Cyber Litigation

The Great Recession of 2007-2009 caused a precipitous drop in litigation, and legal spend for litigation dropped as well. That is about to change, […]