Supplier Agreements Should Include Patent Litigation Protection

Anyone who uses patented technology can in theory be an infringer, and a considerable number of patent infringement cases are now being brought against […]

E-Discovery Trends to Watch in 2017

Courts will expect parties to cooperate. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments in 2015 make it clear that increased cooperation is required in e-discovery. […]

Insourcing, International Due Diligence and Data-Culling

The movement toward more flexible technology is taking hold with both law firm and corporate clients globally. For lawyers, this means it’s important to […]

Tips to Optimize Your Preservation Process

E-discovery professionals should not use the same preservation approach for each case, but rather should follow a repeatable process that meets a reasonableness standard. […]

Structured Data Analysis in E-Discovery

Electronically stored information can be boiled down to two types, unstructured and structured. Lawyers are most familiar with unstructured data (e.g., emails, Word documents […]

The Importance of HR in FCPA Compliance

In April 2016, the DOJ announced it had increased the size of its FCPA unit by more than 50 percent and the FBI established […]