Montana Enacts Data Privacy Law

The Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act, passed unanimously by the state legislature and signed into law on May 19, was so completely overshadowed by […]

Close-up of stacks of paper, with hand sticking out holding a little sign that says "Help."

Is Your Organization Suffering from Information Overload?

Information overload is the result of the modern organization’s always-on, more-is-better approach to communication and is the driver of employees’ disengagement and poor decision-making. […]

Follow Up on Your DEI Commitment: It Has Passed Its Sell-By Date

Many organizations have long been engaged in efforts to make their workforces and communities more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Following the murder of George Floyd […]

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How AI Will Be Regulated

The FTC will probably be the first agency to propose AI regulations, and if a NY Times OpEd written by FTC Chair Lina Khan […]

He Could’ve But He Didn’t

A class action lawsuit brought by former shareholders of Oracle alleged that the company overpaid when it acquired NetSuite. According to the plaintiffs, Lawrence […]

What Does Knowledge Sharing Have to Do With Participatory Management?

Employee input is growing in importance and frequency as more organizations are interested in participatory management, with employees included in the decision-making process. In […]

Big Pharmacy Services Provider Breached

An “unknown third party” hacked into computer systems belonging to PharMerica, a leading U.S. pharmacy service provider, and apparently stole the personal data of […]

The Wide-Ranging Role of Legal Ops

In a recent article from Jim Gill of Hanzo, the growing significance of Legal Operations in corporate legal departments is discussed following the CLOC […]

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New Disclosure Rules For Share Repurchases

On May 3rd the SEC adopted new disclosure requirements regarding share repurchases. Issuers will no longer be required to file quantitative information regarding share […]

Design Patent Bar Proposed

Companies in certain industries – bicycle manufacturers, mobile phones, robots – find that design patents offer protections that utility patents can’t equal. The total […]