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In-House Attorneys’ Role In Addressing Corporate Sector’s Reputation

According to James Bellerjeau, writing in ACCA Docket, in-house lawyers have a critical role to play in addressing an existential risk that their companies […]

Top 100 Hollywood Power-Lawyers Tell All

Hollywood is returning to normal, and according to the Hollywood Reporter’s 15th annual Top 100 list of Most Powerful Lawyers, the tinseltown who’s who […]

Process Freezes Women Out Of SCOTUS Clerkships

Writing in Politico, Sarah Isgur, a Harvard Law grad who clerked on the Fifth Circuit, says that women who want to have a family […]

Task Force to Tackle Ransomware

Ransom demands are escalating, but a public-private partnership formed last December is trying to devise a coordinated response. Among the members are Amazon Web […]

Recovering From A Ransomware Attack

More than half of businesses were hit by a ransomware attack in 2019, at an estimated total cost of $11.5 billion. That’s per a […]

Pandemic Underscores Need To Insure Intangible Assets

A recent joint report from Lloyd’s of London and KPMG finds that as much of 85 percent of total business value in many industries […]

No Communication, No Privilege

What constitutes a privileged communication? This Today’s General Counsel article considers some of the complexities and the light that may be shed on this […]

Data-Breach Conundrum For In-House Counsel Now Said To Include Potential Personal Liability

A data breach brings with it some of the most difficult calls in-house legal will ever have to make. What happened? How serious is […]

How In-House Counsel Can Protect Trade Secrets

As bring-your-own device policies proliferate and digital storage becomes cheaper and more prevalent, it gets easier to pilfer trade secrets. Whether intentional or unintentional, […]

Spotlighting In-House Memos, Ninth Circuit Adopts Work-Product Waiver Standard

The Ninth Circuit has issued a decision that for the first time adopted a waiver standard for the work-product doctrine – a standard that […]