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Employers Hit With Covid-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuits

An increasing number of families of employees who have died of Covid-19 are filing lawsuits against employers. The key question in many of these […]

The Essential Process Of Contract Modification

Contracts may need to be modified for many reasons, including changes in the financial or regulatory regime. (One example: The coming replacement of LIBOR […]

“Offline, Immutable & Air-Gapped”: Ransomware Defense, State Of The Art

For a ransomware attack to be successful, two things are necessary. The attacker must penetrate a target, and that target must lack an adequate […]

Cybersecurity Legislation Introduced

Three pieces of legislation addressing cybersecurity, particularly within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), were introduced in the House on July 13. Concerns about […]

New York Latest State to Enact Cybersecurity Law

With its Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act. New York joins a growing number of states that have enacted cybersecurity mandates. […]

A Giant Canary In The Digital Coal Mine

Virtually all law firms and companies with legal departments, and even most businesses with no in-house lawyers, by now are aware of the increased […]

Survey: How Covid Is Affecting In-House Legal

Among the findings: Twenty-five percent said their budgets had been reduced. Workloads haven’t, however, in a few areas in particular…

Working From Home Underscores Need For Contract Management

To facilitate informed decision-making, a company’s contracts need to be understandable and potentially accessible across multiple areas of the organization. “Far too often, however, […]

Executing Contracts and Deeds From Home

For a simple contract, executed under English law, it’s relatively simple and electronic signatures are usually valid. However, if the other party is overseas…

How To Pay A Ransom

You have decided your best option under the circumstances is to pay up. But that decision is far from the last…