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Work-At-Home Strategies For In-House Lawyers And Contract Managers

A post from contract management firm ContractPodAi discusses some pitfalls in the work-from-home scenario and how to avoid them. Distractions are one of them. […]

In Celebrity Law Firm Ransom Attack, Hackers Up The Ante, Threaten Trump

New York’s Grubman, Shire, Meiselas & Sacks has been hit with a crippling ransom attack by the hacker group REvil, which is threatening to […]

Employees Balking At “Tattleware”

Working remotely during the pandemic is said to be such a success that it may become the post-Covid19 norm, but there is a downside […]

Money Laundering And Anti-Terrorist Risk Management For Lawyers

Although lawyers are not regulated to the extent that bankers are with regard to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) compliance, they are advised […]

A Warning To Companies About Breach Notification

It’s become common wisdom – gleaned in part from witnessing some disastrous missteps by companies like Yahoo and credit reporting company Equifax – that […]

Problems When Transactional Counsel Act as Trial Counsel

“Your company’s agent for service of process delivers a lawsuit involving a contract that your company’s law firm drafted. Given the firm’s deep familiarity […]

Employees Working At Home? Read Your Cyber Policy

Some policies exclude devices not owned by the “named insured”; some require that the named insured have an on-the-record….

Compliance Officers Should Have Executive Authority

“Sure, it’s crazy to think that any for-profit corporation would cede such power to compliance officers,” writes Richard Cassin. Nevertheless, he believes compliance officers […]

EEOC Says Companies Can Test Employees For Virus

Restricting access to the workplace based on a medical exam is normally frowned upon by the EEOC, but not so with respect to tests […]

Isolation Takes a Psychological Toll on Young Lawyers

Firms in the UK are hosting virtual hang-outs including Friday night videocon drinks as a way of retaining a sense of team bonding, and […]