Invoking Trademark Law, Ikea Stifles A Video Game

Rear view closeup of an Ikea shopping cart.

The Ikea cease-and-desist order had the desired effect, and the developers of a “survival horror” video game that was still a work in progress […]

Green Carve-Out Partly Defangs Injunction In Wind Turbine IP Case

Abstract illustration of three wind turbines supplying electricity to a city skyline.

A post from law firm Mintz sees a significant trend in a ruling from U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. “This case,” the attorneys write, […]

Using AI To Outwit A Copyright

A succession of infinity symbols, each one slightly different.

So called “clearance culture” is rampant in movie and video production. What it means is that big budget content creators often go to the […]

Hum A Few Bars, And We’ll See About Copyright

Picture of a guy with his ear cocked, hand against his hear to hear better, and into his ear appear to be flowing a tide of letter and symbols.

A powerful program called Content ID is used by YouTube to flag copyrighted music in its uploaded videos. Content ID is so good that […]

High Stakes IP Lawsuit Over A “Trio of Fonts”

Ink sketch of a woman drawing, seated next to a globe, pyramid and other archaic objects

A woman said to be one of the world’s leading graphic designers has sued the internet design and printing company Zazzle, Inc., alleging it […]