Rear view closeup of an Ikea shopping cart.

Invoking Trademark Law, Ikea Stifles A Video Game

The Ikea cease-and-desist order had the desired effect, and the developers of a “survival horror” video game that was still a work in progress […]

Abstract illustration of three wind turbines supplying electricity to a city skyline.

Green Carve-Out Partly Defangs Injunction In Wind Turbine IP Case

A post from law firm Mintz sees a significant trend in a ruling from U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. “This case,” the attorneys write, […]

A succession of infinity symbols, each one slightly different.

Using AI To Outwit A Copyright

So called “clearance culture” is rampant in movie and video production. What it means is that big budget content creators often go to the […]

Picture of a guy with his ear cocked, hand against his hear to hear better, and into his ear appear to be flowing a tide of letter and symbols.

Hum A Few Bars, And We’ll See About Copyright

A powerful program called Content ID is used by YouTube to flag copyrighted music in its uploaded videos. Content ID is so good that […]

Ink sketch of a woman drawing, seated next to a globe, pyramid and other archaic objects

High Stakes IP Lawsuit Over A “Trio of Fonts”

A woman said to be one of the world’s leading graphic designers has sued the internet design and printing company Zazzle, Inc., alleging it […]