Mayer Brown Preview: Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity & IP (Europe And The US)

A cubist-style illustration of a man with several arms that appear to be reaching out to various icons of technology- gears, computer screens, light bulbs, etc.

A look at the year ahead compiled by a group of Mayer Brown attorneys, many of them from the firm’s London office. The focus […]

How The Fiscal ’23 Defense Bill Will Affect Contractors

Guy contemplating a stylized collage-image of armaments including a tank in factory production.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023, passed by Congress on December 15, contains numerous provisions in addition to the major […]

First Ever Company Hit With “ATA” Antiterrorism Law

Open law book with a judge's gavel at the center where the pages meet.

For the first time, 18 U.S.C. § 2339B of the Antiterrorism Act (“ATA”) has been invoked to prosecute a company for providing material support […]

Coming Litigation Storm Over Plastics

Plastic refuse floating deep under the sea.

A number of news outlets, including BNN Bloomberg, have reported a recent study predicting that massive litigation targeting the plastics industry is imminent and […]

Lloyd’s Bulletin Y5381 Has The Market In A Tizzy

Regro illustration of crowd, probably late 18th C London, crowding around looking at the news.

Issued on August 16, with the title “State backed cyber-attack exclusions,” Lloyd’s Market Bulletin Ref: Y5381 says in part that all cyber-attack policies falling […]

Time To End The Taboo On “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios

Sketch illustration of a lecturer pointing to what looks like a white chalk rendering of a globe on a blackboard.

A post in the online publication Inside Climate News suggests it’s time for scientists and others, including politicians and risk managers, to quit walking […]

Lawyers, Journalists Sue CIA & Pompeo, Claim Their Phones Were Stripped

Demonstrators with masks at a demonstration in support of Assange, his photo faintly visible on a sign in the background.

The CIA and its former director Mike Pompeo are being sued by journalists and attorneys who claim data was exfiltrated from their phones when […]

Lithium-Ion Cargo Fire Liability May Extend Farther Than You Think

Distanct view of ocean vessel with smoke rising from a fire on board.

The quantity of lithium-ion batteries currently being shipped at sea is staggering. It includes the raw batteries themselves, more than 80 percent of which […]

Global Insurer: Looming Civil Unrest Is Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Night scene: demonstrating crowd in the street.

Businesses worldwide should prepare for a rise in civil unrest, according to a post from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). Civil unrest “increasingly […]

DOJ Announces $1B Penalty In FCPA Bribery & Market Manipulation Case

Gavel partly obscured by $ bill on the foreground.

The Swiss multi-national mining and commodity trading firm Glencore has pled guilty to charges of bribery and commodity price manipulation, following coordinated action by […]