proxy trends

Proxy Statement Trends

Public companies recognize the importance of the proxy statement, using it to communicate with shareholders, big and small. But how do you successfully accommodate […]

background checks

Things You Should Know About Background Checks

If you are a general counsel, the topic of background checks may cross your desk. This can occur when an employer contracts with a […]

Privelege Place - Presnell

Sharpen Your Axe for Board Minutes and Reports

The great frontier lawyer Abraham Lincoln once made the thought-provoking statement that if asked to chop down a tree in six hours, he would […]

remote arbitration

Including Remote Arbitration Clauses in Commercial Contracts

The pandemic forced many businesses to adapt to remote work. For arbitration practitioners, that meant using videoconferencing technology to conduct arbitration hearings. Although remote […]

A Lesson In Due Diligence

Data Mining Your Contracts

If you had to name the one most valuable aspect of a contract, what would that be?  Responses to that question vary, but responders […]

offshore vendors

Risks and Advantages of Using Offshore Vendors

For years now, engaging vendors in other countries to provide business process or technical services has been a potentially useful way for U.S.-based companies […]

attorney client privelege

Attorney-Client Privilege in Communications with Outside Directors

Corporate counsel should pay close attention to a recent Delaware Court of Chancery decision that addresses the potential for outside directors to waive attorney-client […]

digital workflow

Transforming Legal Service Delivery

In 2018 and 2019, the Airbus Legal and Compliance Agile Commercial Team (ACT) launched an initiative to transform its legal service delivery model to […]

liability, fire, warehouse

French Supreme Court Reverses on Successor Liability

On November 25, 2020, the French Court of Cassation, or French Supreme Court, reversed its case law regarding criminal successor liability. The facts are […]

general counsel interview Bruce Czachor

General Counsel Interview with Bruce Czachor

What are the key issues you deal with?  Czachor: We’re a relatively young company, but we’re hoping the geographic proximity of our resources, production […]