Antitrust employee non-compete

Not Guilty: Juries Acquit in First Criminal Antitrust No-Poaching and Wage-Fixing Trials

The Antitrust Division’s quest to bring criminal antitrust cases involving the labor market has resulted in two recent losses. These […]

jumping through hoops

Health and Safety Are Key to Restructuring in France

Notwithstanding the extensive financial support of the government, the pandemic has put a great strain on many companies in France, […]

Free Wifi

The More Things Change

The pandemic ushered in a panoply of behavioral changes in the workplace, ranging from virtual conferences to repetitive use of […]

web development

Technological Maturity in Legal Departments

Technology is useful only insofar as corporate legal departments can persuade lawyers and support staff to use it. Many departments […]

technology is frustrating

In-House Legal Leadership: Survey Highlights

During the second year of the pandemic, chief legal officers (CLOs) and their legal departments faced fast-changing challenges in risk, […]

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