Securities Class Action Settlements Decline, but Accounting Issues Remain

There was a decrease in the volume and value of securities class action settlements in 2011, but there is reason to expect that this […]

Multinational M&A Review Often Requires Translated Documents

Until recently, according to the authors, the FTC viewed the matter of non-English-language documents during the discovery process with some flexibility. Today, the FTC […]

New Ways To Reduce Litigation Costs

The major cost driver in litigation is not the trial, but rather the many expensive and time consuming pretrial tasks. Those costs have ballooned […]

Precautions Essential in Multinational Agreements

General counsel and CFOs know about the high cost of litigation, including the cost of litigating such avoidable issues as choice of forum or […]

RFPs Are an Overlooked Opportunity for Law Firm Cost-Savings

Law firms typically list their top four expenses (lowest to highest) as wages, rent, insurance and support services. With regard to support services contracts, […]

Avoiding Pitfalls in Energy Performance Contracting

Performance contracting can be a way for facility owners or operators to “go green” and save money. What that means is that contractors include […]

M&A Trends to Watch for the Rest Of 2012

According to Thomson Reuters, the value of announced M&A transactions during the first quarter of 2012 was down 15 per cent from the fourth […]

Canadians Bought, U.S. Sold in First Quarter

Canadian companies are becoming the dominant bidders in U.S.-Canada cross-border M&A deals. A strong Canadian dollar, weaker valuations in the United States and the […]

Shut Up and Stand Still

Parties contemplating an M&A transaction typically enter into a confidentiality agreement (CA) to facilitate the exchange of non-public information. The parties may include a […]

The Evolving Role of the General Counsel

A recent Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP poll of 1,300 business professionals found that nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that market volatility has driven […]