Is It Time For A Carbon Tax?

Two experts square off in a point-counterpoint.

Use Arbitration to Protect Non-Competes

Employers have traditionally used choice-of-law or forum-selection clauses to secure a favorable venue in which to litigate validity and scope of a non-competition provision […]

Practical Tips For Managing E-Discovery

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“Reliance” in Class Actions Clarified by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s March 27 decision in Comcast v. Behrend settled an ongoing dispute between Justice Scalia and Justice Ginsburg. A month before the […]

Compliance Clampdown On Bribery

Critics have called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ambiguous, and they claim it lacks judicial oversight. In November, 2012, the Department of Justice and […]

Design Patents May Be Next Troll Target

Non-practicing entities currently focus on asserting business method or software patents, but soon they may turn to design patents. The potentially vague and inconsistently […]

Some Pointed E-Discovery Lessons from a Battle of Giants

Before trial in the litigation between Samsung and Apple, the court focused on the e-discovery efforts of the parties. Apple alleged that Samsung failed […]

General Counsel as Risk Manager

One of the functions migrating into corporate law departments is risk management, including assessing the company’s insurance requirements and purchasing adequate insurance coverage. While […]

Why Settlements Can Be Expensive

Litigation is more like a settlement negotiation than a war, even while the company is acting tough to demonstrate that a compromise is in […]

Knowing When It’s Time To Leave

This list of good reasons to leave your job as in-house attorney is comprehensive, if not exhaustive. Among the more interesting: If you like […]