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NLRB Puts New Limits On Severance Agreements

With only one dissent, the National Labor Relations Board, in McLaren Macomb, held that employers cannot offer severance agreements that include broad confidentiality and […]

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Whipsaw Continues For CA Mandatory Arbitration Law

The circuitous path of a controversial California law – one that’s regarded as a boon by labor rights advocates and is favored by most […]

Woman looking at viewer. Her face is somewhat blurry, but here hand is in focus, held up palm forward, as if to say "no."

Party Hangover: Potential Executive Liability In McDonald’s Case

A judge in Delaware’s Court of Chancery has refused to dismiss a shareholder derivative lawsuit alleging that a former HR executive breached his fiduciary […]

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DOJ’s “Lackluster” Win In A Labor Antitrust Case

In a case brought under the Sherman Act, the Department of Justice has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the regional manager of […]

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Corporate DEI Programs Under Attack

Corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs have been targeted by lawsuits for years, but plaintiff strategies have evolved, says a post from law […]

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Heads-Up On Preparing H-1B Petitions

Organized as a list of top five mistakes, a guide from law firm Amundsen Davis concludes with this plea: “If you plan to file […]

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EEOC Outlines Its Proposed Enforcement Priorities

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released a draft of proposed enforcement priorities for the years 2023 through 2027. Law firm Gibson Dunne has […]

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The Many Faces Of HR Risk And The Policies That Insure Them

Human Resources departments are inherently fraught with risk. They handle sensitive information, like social security numbers. They sometimes need to deliver the kind of […]

EEOC Will Aggressively Target AI-Based Employment Decisions

Every year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission publishes a draft strategic enforcement plan in the Federal Register. In 2023 it intends to increase enforcement […]

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Two New Laws Expand Protection For Pregnant And Nursing Employees

Two new laws, part of the fiscal 2023 Omnibus Spending Bill, have the goal of “putting an end to the inconsistent patchwork of case […]