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California Further Tightens Restrictions on Noncompetes

Since 1892, California has declared noncompetes agreements unenforceable except in narrow and limited circumstances. The recent passage of Assembly Bill […]

Leading the Hybrid Workforce in the “New Normal”

Leading the Hybrid Workforce in the “New Normal”

As we move into a post-pandemic “new normal,” leaders are facing the new reality of leading a hybrid workforce. This reality requires […]

AI Executive Order Finally Released

AI Executive Order Finally Released

The Biden administration is unveiling an artificial intelligence (AI) executive order on Monday, October 30, 2023. The order will be […]

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Companies Must Revisit High-Earner Compensation After the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Helix Energy

Companies that pay high-earning workers a day rate without overtime must exercise caution following the Supreme Court’s February decision in […]

internet network connecting people globally concept for international hiring

Global Hiring: Is Your Contractor Really an Employee?

Global hiring is fast becoming a strategic imperative for companies competing in the post-pandemic marketplace. Smart organizations want to look […]

Long-Delayed EEOC Proposed Workplace Harassment Guidelines Released

Long-Delayed EEOC Proposed Workplace Harassment Guidelines Released

After a delay of six years, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)  published proposed guidance related to workplace harassment […]

How to Keep Your Team Motivated Despite Job Cuts and Budget Slashing

How to Keep Your Team Motivated Despite Job Cuts and Budget Slashing

It is natural for employees to feel distracted and lose their drive when companies are announcing job cuts and hiring […]

Florida immigration law using E-Verify in 2023.

Florida Employers Need to Use E-Verify Under New Immigration Law

On May 10, 2023, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 1718 into law, dubbing it the “Strongest Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation in […]

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Severance Pay For Mass Layoffs

General counsel in New Jersey should be aware that Senate Bill 3170, which was postponed for three years due to […]

remote employee

Remote Employees and Patent Venue

Patent owners, accused infringers, and patent litigators spend a surprising amount of time thinking about and litigating venue. A wave […]

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