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Can Employers Say “Nope” To Rehiring An Injured Worker?

An employer may not want to bring an injured worker back on the payroll for any number of reasons. Among them: suspected substance abuse, […]

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FTC Proposal Would Ban Nearly All Non-Competes

It’s a dramatic development, says a post from law firm Fisher Phillips, and if finalized in its current form “would drastically change the way […]

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Predictions For The 2023 Casualty Insurance Market

Rates will continue to increase but more slowly, according to a casualty specialist from insurance brokerage Woodruff Sawyer, as the first of his five […]

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“Pyrrhic” Victory For DOJ In Aerospace Labor-Poaching Case

In a case involving a high-level no-poach agreement in the aerospace industry, the Department of Justice Antitrust Division beat back the defendant companies’ attempt […]

Avoid Early Retirement Program Mistakes

Implementing a voluntary early retirement incentive program requires caution, according to attorneys John L. Litchfield and Belinda S. Morgan of Foley and Lardner. You […]

No-Poach Agreements Lose In the Eleventh Circuit

The DOJ, the FTC, and multiple class action suits filed by plaintiffs’ lawyers are challenging no-poach agreements. The argument is that agreements between employers […]

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Workplace Investigations: A Blueprint And A Caution

A two-part series from SHRM discusses how to conduct workplace investigations, following an accusation or a complaint. Part one covers the basics, including assembling […]

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Crimped By Labor Shortage, U.S. Companies Push For A DACA Fix

U.S. Companies are bemoaning the possible expiration of DACA, and some major companies – including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM – have come out in […]

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State Law And Video Surveillance Of The Workplace

Employers cite many reasons for subjecting employees to video surveillance. Among them, says a post from the Bradley law firm, are insuring employee safety, […]

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Big Biometric Privacy Loss For BNSF Railway

In what a post from law firm Jackson Lewis identifies as the first trial of claims under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), […]