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Home Depot Prevails In ERISA “Imprudent Investment” Case

A judge in the Northern District of Georgia has ruled against plaintiffs in a putative class action that alleged Home Depot violated the Employee […]

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Legal Recruiter Loses Trade Secrets Case

A legal recruiter was ordered by a federal judge in Austin, Texas to pay his former employer $3.6 million in damages.  The judge found […]

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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors “In Limbo”

A ruling from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals leaves the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors intact. However, it narrows its purview […]

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Dangerous Hybrid: “Psychological” Cyber Crime

Sophisticated cyber-engineering skills are not required. At work here is a new iteration of an old archetype, the con artist who “cajoles, flatters, feigns […]

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$600K Phishing Attack Not Covered By Computer Fraud Policy

The operative term for what happened to a company called SJ Computers is a BEC  (“business email compromise”) attack, sometimes just called a spear […]

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In High-Stakes Biometric Coverage Battle, Players Await A Key Decision

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”) has spawned numerous lawsuits since it went into effect in 2008, and some big settlements. Depending on […]

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Could Liberal Panic Over Pending SCOTUS Case Help Trump Steal The Next Election?

Many commentators are misunderstanding – and overstating – the potential consequences of the pending Supreme Court decision in Moore v Harper, according to analyst […]

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18-Wheel Headache: Risk Management & Coverage Challenge For Trucking Companies

Economic and political factors that are peripheral in much of the liability insurance market are having an outsized effect on the trucking industry. In […]

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Will Insurance Cover Companies That Facilitate Employee Abortion Travel?

In states that have banned or sharply restricted abortion since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, many companies have said they will help employees who […]

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When A Corporate Officer Can Be Personally Liable For Unpaid Wages

An appellate court in California has held that a corporate officer, in this case a woman who was both CEO and CFO of a […]